Tuesday, February 17, 2015

BCC Sweeps the Breeders Cup Heifer Show

Champion Breeding heifer Breeders Cup Ring A.
Sired by Grizzly Bear, bred and raised by us. Congrats Syd

Champion Market heifer, Breeders Cup Ring B.
Sired by Grizzly Bear. Bred by us. Congrats

Reserve champion market heifer, Breeders Cup ring A.
Sired by grizzly bear, bred and raised by us. Congrats

Reserve Champion female Breeders Cup Ring B.
Sired by Monopoly bred by us! Congrats

Reserve Champion breeding heifer Ring A Breeders Cup Ut.
Sired by Eye Candy, sold in fall sale. Congrats

Special thanks to @grpeart and @philpeart putting on a
great jackpot! Awesome prizes, judges and
atmosphere. Already looking forward to
next February!

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Denver Bound

Ended up taking a few pictures today after the heifers were rinsed. Lighting wasn't the best so they ended up black and white. Fat Amy is a Monopoly x Maine/Angus and Lilly is a Grizzly Bear x Heatwave. Denver Prospect Breeding show bound!
Fat Amy, Monopoly (right) & Lilly Grizzly Bear (left)

Fat Amy - Monopoly Heifer

Out for a walk!