Saturday, March 31, 2012

Eye Candy Heifer


We LOVE our Eye Candy Calves. This is the best heifer to ever hit the ground at Bushman Cattle Company!  She has the makings of great things!  We have another Eye Candy just like her but we only had time to clip one! Click here to view a video clip of her!


  1. nice heifer!!!! were excited to keep seeing good things coming out of this bull since we plan to use him this spring. we bought a heifer from you guys this past fall, so this picture makes us more excited to use eye candy.

    1. Thanks! We are really happy with her. We only had time to clip up one heifer that day but there is another Eye Candy that could be her twin! He will do you well. Hope the Step Up is doing well and we will look forward to hearing from you.

      Bushman Cattle

  2. Thanks we are excited about her! we are going to breed her to I-80 or Drill Bit for her first calf. Her first show will be on the 14th of this month so once we get her clipped up ill be sure to send pics your way and how she does at the shows.