Friday, July 13, 2012

Tip of the week - Getting Ready for Fair

As fair time approaches I would like to give you some pointers to help you get your calves ready for fair.  First, if you feel your calf is lacking hair, please remember its HOT!  Even the hairiest calves will be loosing hair in triple digits.  If you want hair your going to need to work at it.  Start rinsing your calf daily!  Sounds like a lot of work but it will pay off, I promise. You don't need to be soaping, just wet him down and dry him with the blower.  This will cool him down and get the hair growing back.

Combing - Most common mistake is coming hair upward in the summer!  Most of you cant do this, they are not hairy enough. Here is how you train that hair. First, comb the hair down from the back to the hoof as shown below.

After you have done that on both sides then work it horizontally forward form the tail to the head as seen below.
Then use the blower and continue to work that hair forward.  Do that religiously for a week then you can start slowly working it in an upward direction.  The more the hair is trained the better we can fit him up for the show!

Good luck and start with this tip!  I'll post another tip in a few days! Give us a call if you have any questions.

PS. Keep him shaded too!  All that work will not be worth it if you tie him up in the sun after!  :)

Nathan Bushman
Bushman Cattle Company

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