Tuesday, September 4, 2012

2012 Bear Lake Classic

Take a look at the 2012 Bear Lake Classic club calves being offered this year. 
More photos and information is on the website. Videos coming soon!

Got Chrome! Besides the cool chrome this guy is sporting he is just plain good!
He is stout and hairy and combines a great expression of muscle with smooth soundness and eye appeal.
Another great angle of this Thriller steer. This steers will be fancy, stout and will surely catch the eye of any judge.

Our donor cow has consistently thrown great calves over the years and this is no exception.
We feel that he is one of the most complete calves in the sale.
Color is in and this dark red is even more popular. This steer has caught attention of buyers all spring for many great reasons.
He is big footed, huge butted and extremely sound.

We have always felt this steer has the makings to be great. The older he gets the more we are excited for what he is turning into. He is hairy, huge footed, big butted and thick. Don't pass this one up!

Pretty exciting when one of the stoutest calves in the sale is out of the so called "clean up bull".
This steer is stout, hairy and fancy. Take a look at this guy, they don't come along this good every day.

This is one of the stoutest and hairiest calves in the sale. This steer is made for the champion drive.
He is a great grower and will work great for those early shows.

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